Sell2Member App

3-Step Tutorial

Go to your Weebly Store and create a product. For example the Name of the product could be "3-Month Membership". Set the price of your product for the entire membership duration, customers will only be charged once when they buy this product in your Weebly Store.

Now go to Weebly Settings of your site and create a group. Make sure you activate the checkbox "Allow people to register with your site".

You can now set the visibility of your member pages (Pages -> [chose the page] -> Visibility), so that only group members have access to this page.

Come back to the Sell2Member Appmanager and create your rule:
1. Choose the product you created.
2. Choose the group that customers should get access to.
3. Set the expiration time for members. In this example it would be three month (90 days)
4. Select the Welcome-Email you want new members to receive. You can edit these emails further down the page at all time. If you select default, only the default email will be sent, containig the login-information. If you select your custom email, your text will be added to the default email.
5. Click "Create" -Button

Edit your emails by selecting your E-Mail and clicking on the change-button:

You're done!